Wednesday, February 3, 2016

January Recap/February Goals

The last two weeks of January completely flew by.  I don't usually like to wish time away, but I have no problem if January and February seem to disappear.  I'm ready for the dark, cold days to be gone.  The January numbers ended up like this:

Running: 89.1 miles
Swimming: 6000 yards
Strength Training: 10 hours

I started out the month on track to hit 100+ running miles.  I ran through sub-zero temps (and double digit below zero windchills) during the second week of the month.  And then the third week, I had four days in a row where court went through the lunch hour.  Since I do most of my weekday runs during my lunch hour, my mileage took a pretty big hit that week.  Oh well.  I ended the month with two great runs in beautiful weather - 11 miles on Saturday and 3 on Sunday.

My official training for Grandma's Marathon starts the first week of March.  I created a little pre-training training program for this month, mostly because I'm a little sick of not "training."  I've basically been in off-season mode since after Twin Cities in October and am feeling ready to push myself a little more.  My running goals for February are to consistently run long-ish on the weekends (between 8 and 11 miles), and to get in one run that includes some miles at half marathon pace during the week.  My other goal for February is to increase my swimming yards.  I have my eye on an August triathlon - Turtleman, in Shoreview.  It's a one mile swim, 25 mile bike, and 5 mile run.  That one mile swim is the only thing giving me hesitation in hitting the register button.  I need to get some longer swims in the pool to give me the confidence to know that I can do it.

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