Sunday, November 23, 2008

Race Report - Turkey Trot 5K

This morning, Sophie and I hit the road early to pick up Jim, and then trade Mac for Sophie in North Branch. Mac's wife agreed (in a moment of weakness, I'm sure), to watch Sophie along with her little MacKenna, so we were set. We headed to Como Park with plenty of time to spare. Of course, even though this is the fifth year I've ran this race, I still couldn't remember which roads to turn on to get to the elementary school, so we wasted a good 10 minutes with me swearing about the twisty turny roads. But still hade plenty of time to register and picked up my t-shirt (gotta get my Thanksgiving wardrobe set).

My goal was to break 25:00 minutes today, but as we got ready to start, I just wasn't feeling it. I've had a little stomach bug all weekend and just felt off. So I decided I would just do the best I could and save my sub-25:00 goal for Saturday's Jingle Bell 5K. When the race started, I took off at what felt like an easy pace. The first mile felt pretty slow, and I was shocked to look at my watch (yes, I actually remembered to wear it) at the mile marker and see 7:52. It occurred to me that sub-25:00 might not be out of reach. I decided to just try to maintain that pace and see how things worked out.

Mile 2: 15:52. I still felt strong, and the pace felt good. About a 1/2 mile from the finish, I could feel my shoelace loosening up. This has been a recurrent problem with my current shoes. It wasn't long and the damn thing was completely untied. I knew I was on track to meet my goal, so I refused to stop to tie it. Of course, knowing that it was untied held me back a little, especially at the end. By that time, my shoe was kind of flopping around on my foot and I was convinced that it was going to fall off. I really did not want to fall on my face today. When I finally came down the final stretch and could see the clock, I saw that it was 24:30. I knew I could make it . . . and finished in 24:52. Third PR in a row!

And after the race? Chipotle. Yum.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Why traffic court Wednesdays and running a marathon are a lot alike . . .

I love Wednesdays. All day traffic court and, sometimes, other fun civil stuff like evictions and child support contempt thrown in so the ladies in court administration can watch me run between two courtrooms with my high heels on. Today was especially crazy, and I decided that my Wednesdays in traffic court are pretty similar to running a marathon:
  • Both require regular hydration and fueling. For traffic court, I need my hourly shots of Diet Dew (I just pretend it's something stronger) and fun sized Butterfingers (thank you, leftover Halloween candy). For the marathon, gatorade and gu. Okay, fun sized Butterfingers. I hate gu.
  • Lots of smelly people show up for both.
  • In both, I spend 90% of the time telling myself that I can't possibly make it one more second and that I might (1) die, (2) throw up, (3) quit and walk to the nearest exit/medical tent/bar.
  • Both put me in the danger zone for exposure to other people's bodily fluids. Seriously.

Of course, in traffic court, I don't get a nice medal for making it through the day and I've never gotten a free t-shirt (although I did pay one of our frequent flyers $15 for one that he had made that says "No Justice in Pine County."). But I did get referred to as "the hot prosecutor" today. I guess it's better than "that blond bitch." Happy Wednesday!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

What running?

So the running last week? Pretty much sucked. I have the motivation, the energy, the 17 layers of clothing . . . and yet I only managed to get in a measly 19 miles. Lowest mileage week in a couple of months. I'm blaming my husband. If he would realize that my running is infintely more important than both his work and his hunting, our relationship would be much happier. I don't see this relevation dawning on him anytime soon, so until then, I guess I'm in the market for a heated baby jogger. Then I could take Sophie on runs still without child protection chasing me down.

This week HAS to be better. A week from today is the Turkey 5K, and I'm still clinging (unrealistically) to my goal of breaking 25:00. Also, I need to do some advance calorie burn to clear the way for Thanksgiving. Can't believe it is just over a week away!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Last night, Jim and I met at the track after work. With it getting dark so early and needing to pick Sophie up before daycare closes (wouldn't want her just sitting out on the street waiting for me), I've had to give up my 1.3 warm-up mile from the office and just drive to the track. Anyhow . . . we did four 800's at 3:35, 3:34, 3:35, and 3:40. I was extremely happy with these times, as I've been averaging 3:45 for my 800's recently.

I don't know whether it was the workout or the colder weather, but I was STARVING last night. I basically ate two dinners, and a brownie. At least I ran twice yesterday to mitigate some of the damage. Also, totally addicted to Wheat Thins Parmesan Basil. Can't stop eating them. Writing this post is making me hungry . . . wonder what I can eat now?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

New Leaf

My one goal for this weekend was to break my streak of skipping long runs. Done. Yesterday morning, Jim and I braved the cold, gale-force winds and ran 8.5 miles. Yes, I know that 8.5 miles really isn't a "long" run, but it pushed me past this 5 mile limit I've been stuck at for the last month. And, because I felt strong through the whole run, it was a great confidence booster.

Today, I've been sitting in the house debating about bundling Sophie up and taking her out for a quick run in the stroller. Probably won't happen for two reasons: (1) it is pretty cold and windy, and (2) I don't want any of the hunters around here to mistake her stroller for a deer and take a shot. It is going to be hard to get in my runs for the next couple of weeks - my husband hunts AND is a DNR officer, so he really is MIA. I'll just have to be ready to race out the door the second he comes in. Better get busy writing "Not a Deer" on my blaze-orange construction worker vest. You just can't be too cautious . . .

Thursday, November 6, 2008

TIART - Transitions

This post is my contribution to Runner's Lounge - Take It and Run Thursday . . .

Fall is always a reminder that life is constantly changing. As I have gone through transitions - to lawyer, to wife, to mother - running has been a constant. So no matter what I may becoming, I am always still a runner.

This really hit home to me in my first few weeks as a new mom. Those bleary-eyed days of wondering "what have I done" left me feeling like a stranger in my own body (and by my own body, I mean the post-partum, flabby stomached version of my own body). I mourned the loss of my old self while telling myself that I was a terrible mother.

Then, three weeks after Sophie was born when I had the okay from my doctor, I went for a run. It was hard and it was difficult to coordinate. My husband was terrified to be alone with the baby for 45 minutes. I had to nurse her quick before I left, and hurry home before she was due for another feeding. But it was wonderful. As I plodded along, gasping for breath, I felt like I had come home.

Running through those post-partum days and reclaiming my lost fitness was a reminder that there is a part of me that, no matter who else I may be, will always be a runner. And no matter what change may be happening around me, I can always throw on my stinky running clothes, lace up my shoes and hit the road.

Monday, November 3, 2008

A Little Bit of Everything

First, my training recap for last week:
  • Monday, Oct. 27th: 3 miles (a.m.), 3.6 miles - hill (p.m.)
  • Tuesday, Oct. 28th: 3 miles (a.m.), 5.1 miles - track (p.m.)
  • Thursday, Oct. 30th: 3 miles
  • Friday, Oct. 31st: 3 miles
  • Saturday: Nov. 1st: 6 miles

Total weekly miles: 26.7. Total miles for the month of October: 116.6. Happy to be over 100 again this month. Woefully missing from the month of October? Long runs. I ran one 11 miler early in the month, and haven't seen anything over six miles since then. I really need to get my act together. I'd like to have a good base of semi-long runs (8-10 milers) before I start marathon training at the end of January. Of course, now with hunting season starting this weekend, I will be single parent for a while, so that will make things difficult.

This morning's three miler was the first in several weeks that did not require a headlight! It was nice to run in the sunlight, and we are having some unseasonably warm weather here that I am loving. Might have to sneak out of work a little early tonight and get another run in with Sophie.

I'm thinking about rescheduling my hair appointment (set for tomorrow evening) so I can run at the track. My hair looks like crap, but I really want to get my Tuesday speed work in while the weather holds out. I can handle the dark roots and the snaggly, ratty ends for a few more weeks.