Thursday, August 6, 2009

Proof that Running and Alcohol Don't Mix

In each of the three marathons I've run, the token frat boys have been on the sidelines at some point during the race offering beer. I've always been tempted, but have never tried drinking beer while actually running. The closest I've come was my lukewarm sip of beer after finishing Green Bay, which nearly made me hurl.

Last night, I received conclusive proof that I should definitely not drink and run. Wednesday is golf league night and I have to preface my story by saying that my golf partner (Erin) and I have two main missions this summer during league: (1) drink alcohol every week; and (2) take a picture every week to add to our summer collage of golf pictures. For the last month, we have had a particular picture we have wanted to get which involves another member of our league and her very unique method of lining up her putts. (Yes, Erin and I are complete bitches and we like to make fun of other people. It is was it is.)

We had just finished putting on the sixth hole when I heard Erin say, "There they are." We looked over to the 7th green and saw our dream picture opportunity waiting for us. I started sprinting for our cart. Erin was right behind me. When I got to the cart, I threw my golf clubs on the ground, grabbed my camara, and kept sprinting towards the seventh green. As I started to run past a group waiting to tee off on 7, someone tripped me and I fell flat on my face. Okay, no one tripped me, that was a lie. And I don't think I can blame a rock, a stick, or an errant piece of grass. I fell over my own two feet.

I heard Erin in the cart behind me laughing. The ladies waiting to tee off started walking towards me, asking if I was okay. I just bounced off the ground, with the front part of my golf sandals now stuck underneath my toes and flapping awkwardly against the ground, and kept running until I was close enough to get my picture. Mission: complete. Once I was safely returned to the cart, I turned to Erin and said, "If that little antic broke any of my running parts, I'm going be seriously pissed at myself tomorrow." And she promptly laughed and spit her drink in my face.

Note to self: don't drink and run.

Disclaimer: Further studies need to be conducted to determine the adverse effect on running of one sip of beer 20 miles deep into a marathon versus four mixed drinks over a period of two hours. Maybe there's a difference?


Jamoosh said...

Madison is worse. I ran that a week after Green Bay a few years back and the "boys" were handing out beer at Mile 2. Mile frickin' 2! Needless to say, I passed.

I have sipped a part of a beer during only one marathon and I am with you - lesson learned.

B.o.B. said...

That is freakin' hilarious. Not you falling, ok yeah, you falling is hilarious.

I should have my hash post up later this afternoon. It discusses the many aspects of drinking and running.

Sarah said...

I wanna see the picture!!! Can you blur the faces and post it? I have to see what was worth falling on your face. :)

Mel-2nd Chances said...

OMG, too funny! So you got the pic, but didn't post up? What's up with that?? LOL

Marlene said...

Hah! (Sorry, don't mean to laugh at you! (: )

So, do we get to see a pic of this woman and her putting technique?

M2Marathon said...

OMG you gals sound like my kind of golfers! I agree, I also want to see the picture. Blur the faces! Blur the faces!

I have yet to be able to drink beer post-race, even though people are ALWAYS doing it. After my finishing kick, I am generally wore out and at the puke threshold. Beer, blech.

X-Country2 said...

HA! I'd say it's karma, but I'm fairly bitchy and don't want to jinx myself.

Mama said...

Totally LMAO! And now you HAVE to share that picture LOL.

MCM Mama

Ali said...

Too funny, this is hilarious!

Running Through Life said...

Very funny! I think I need to go golfing with you. I did partake on the beer in the Madison 1/2. I can't say either way if it made a difference or not. It was something I definitely remember.