Wednesday, December 8, 2010

What's that sound?

Oh, it's just my quads. Screaming.

Did I mention I took a little break from kettlebells? (Okay, I took a little break from all things sweat-worthy.) But kettlebells. Yeah, I hadn't gone since October. I decided last night should mark my glorious return to the kettlebells gym. I missed it, I wanted to be someplace warm (and the kettlebell gym is STEAMY), and oh yeah, I stepped on the scale Monday. Ouch.

So we started out class with a warm up of eight billion walking lunges. While carrying a kettlebell. And while my shoulders and upper back and arms and ass are all sore from the variety of tortures that followed, it is those damn walking lunges I am feeling today.

Don't worry. I was able to drown out the sound of the screaming and get in a little run after work today. Which means, wait for it, runs three days in a row. Is it safe to say I'm back?


Katie A. said...

You are on a roll! Whoo hoo! Keep it up, that frozen tundra you live in might just decide at any moment to keep you from going out! LOL!
Nice work girlie!

Christine said...

WOOOHOOO - You are back!:) Good job! Hope all goes well with your company :)

B.o.B. said...

You're back lady! Woot!

And a warm up of eight billion? Who is the teacher Hilter? Sheesh!

Anonymous said...

Oh're BACK!

DRog said...

yep you are back!
love screaming quads way to follow it up with a run!


Diana said...

OMG, if I miss just one day of my kb workouts I start to twitch!!
Welcome back to the "swingers" club!!

Marlene said...

Welcome back!

LMC said...

After 3 days of running and 8 billion walking lunges, we can say that you are definitely back! Although, I would have said that with only 7 billion lunges.:) Keep it up! Hope all is well with your new office!