Monday, May 9, 2011

The (Near) Perfect Week

My fellow How I Met Your Mother fans might be thinking The Perfect Week is about a whole lotta loving . . . but I'm talking about a different kind of perfect week. This is a running (slash triathlon) blog.

My workouts last week really did make it a near perfect week - the perfect balance between running, biking, and swimming. Behold:

Monday: Ran 3 miles (at lunch), 30 min. yoga (at night)
Tuesday: swam 1000 yds. (am), ran 3 miles (at lunch), biked 13 miles (after work)
Wednesday: ran 3 miles (at lunch), biked 16 miles (after work), 30 min. pilates (at night)
Thursday: swam 1500 yds. (am), ran 3 miles (after work)
Friday: rest day
Saturday: 15 mile canoe race (in my kayak)
Sunday: 13 mile bike

To make it a truly perfect week, the canoe race would have been replaced by a long run. And the Sunday bike ride would have been longer. But you get the picture. Overall a great start to the month of May.


Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

A canoe race is awesome!!!

P said...

Oh, that is a perfect week - well done!!

Marlene said...

Well done on the (near) perfect week! I am sooo unsteady in a canoe, but that's awesome!

Jess said...

I always appreciate an HIMYM reference (although, I'm thinking the show has lost almost every smidgen of funny this season, yes?). Nicely done on YOUR (almost) perfect week!

Richelle said...

Great week! A canoe race? I hope you post an entry about it. :)

Running Mama said...

Awesome...take pics. Sounds totally fun.

Jamoosh said...

A "near" perfect week indeed. Only a beer or two would have made it a "perfect" week!

Anonymous said...

That is a great week- I mean, PERFECT!

Beth said...

That is a perfect week! Great job fitting it all in- even the kayaking!