Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Casual Speed

I've been a little "off" of my usual workout routines the past few weeks. Normal for me this time of year - with hunting season, I am basically a single mother (my husband is a DNR officer) - and it gets hard to fit the workouts in. Today, I snuck away at lunch for a quick 3 miler. Instead of my usual run from the office to the golf course and back, I ran to the high school track. The original plan was to run a mile around the track and run back. To mix it up, I ran a lap hard, then jogged easy, then a hard lap, then jogged easy for a lap. Then ran easy the mile back to my office. Speed work? Not really. But a little casual speed that got my heart rate up and reminded my legs that they can move.

I may have been a little stinky at court this afternoon, but it was totally worth it to get out in the sunshine and get my sweat on.


Christine said...

Good job on getting out there!! I'm planning on doing a lunch run tomorrow as well. Let's see how it goes, I always find some excuses... :)

Diana said...

When it's important we find a way to get it done!
Nice job on finding the time to do some runs!

Katie said...

hey, you squeezed it in, and that's what counts! nice job!

B.o.B. said...

i'm certain you aren't the first stinky person in a courtroom. lol!

nice job getting your run in.

Beth said...

Nice speed workout! I can only imagine what some of the people in court might smell like. I'm sure you were fresh as a daisy compared to some. Hope you are enjoying this "pre-snow" weather. I hope it lasts!