Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Bookmark Bricks

In my small town (and even smaller social circle) Tuesday night is men's night and Wednesday night is ladies' night. For golf that is. My husband golfs on league Tuesday nights with the husband of one of my triathlon friends. So Tuesday nights for us during golf season is brick night. We lure some poor unsuspecting teenager into babysitting our children and head out for a bike ride and then a run. When the water in the local beach warms up (you know, sometime in August) we'll probably swim too. Last Tuesday was our first brick Tuesday of the year. The wind was whipping so we spent about 5 minutes strategizing a route that would give us the least amount of face to wind contact. Apparently we are both idiots because we rode into the wind every direction. Eleven miles of pure windy goodness. When I got off the bike and started to run, it was like Pinochio running on little wooden peg legs. After last week's brick, I didn't work out again until this week's brick. Not by choice - rather I was struck down by some nasty virus that went from flu to crazy ass sore throat. I still am not 100% recovered, but I had to get out and get my sweat on last night. And again with the wind! Apparently whenever I take out my bike the wind starts blowing. We used our super strategizing skills again to pick a windless route, actually semi-successfully this week. Twelve miles on the bike. I really wanted to run after, but just the act of riding my bike twelve miles while still fighting off this illness wore me out. My "brick" was biking and then walking two miles. Whatever. It was still nice to get outside and move my sickly body. Hoping to get back into a more regular routine now. I'm headed to the cities to my mom's for the long weekend and my sister wants me to run 20 miles with her on Saturday. Sounds reasonable to me. :)


Jill said...

That's such a great idea to have girls' night into a tri training night!! I would so love to find a group to do that with. Anyway, that wind can just zap the energy out of you and I have had runs where no matter which way I run, I'm in a fierce headwind. I think you did great for your first workout! At least you got out there and you didn't sit home and eat Cheetos all night. Not that I know anyone who did that or anything... :).

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a great plan for Tuesdays! You will figure out the wind at some point :) Good luck on your 20 miler!

Beth said...

Nice that you have someone to do a brick with! Yes, it's been really windy lately here, too. Even when I plan well and it's just hitting me from the side, it still slows me down. Good luck on your 20 miler!