Monday, October 11, 2010

Backwards Forwards

Looking back . . . a couple more things on the marathon before it becomes ancient history:
  • You might not be able to tell in the pictures I posted, but I wore my lightening socks for the race. Knee high, black and white stripes, with hot pink lightening bolts. Totally hot. I actually got tons of comments during the race, which helped propel me forward. Even after the race at Chipotle someone commented that they saw me on the course and remembered my socks.
  • The marathon results website shows how many people you passed in the last 6.2 miles (and how many people passed you). I passed 264 people, and 104 people passed me. Not too shabby.
  • Triathlons make for good marathon training. It wasn't a real secret that I sacrificed my long runs to the tri god over the summer. From June 1st until the marathon, I did 7 runs over 10 miles - 2 10 milers, an 11 miler, a 12 miler, a 16 miler, and a 20 miler. Plus one half marathon. About half of what I've done my last two marathon training cycles. I also sacrificed my speed work for after-work open water swims most of the summer. And although I wasn't in PR shape for the marathon, I felt strong throughout the race. No regrets about my summer training.

And looking forward:

  • October is about recovery and fun. I nailed the recovery last week - a couple of walks, one swim, and a 15 mile bike. Plus some yoga here and there. Now for the fun - I have three more races this month, including a Halloween double header on the 30th - the Monster Half Marathon in the morning and then the Anoka 5K in the afternoon.
  • November, December, and the worst months of the Season-Which-Shall-Not-Be-Named will be about base building for my next marathon . . . Fargo 2011!
  • As a continuing offering up to the afore-mentioned tri god, my cross training goal for the Season-Which-Shall-Not-Be-Named is to improve my swim. I thought hard about shooting for a half-ironman next year, but I seriously need to get my act together in the water before I do that.

I enjoyed my first post-marathon run this afternoon - perfect weather, my legs felt great - yep, still love to run!


DRog said...

Heather you did GREAT the last 10k of the race!! those are great numbers at the end of the marathon.

Love how this played out for you this year ending with TCM after the summer long training with the Tri stuff mixed in. Now you know how to incorp Tri training AND bump up the running a shoot for a PR?!

Im impressed with the doubleheader!

RunMommyRun said...

Woo hoo! Fargo, here you come! :)

Thought I might see you at this year's Run for the Apples, but I just might have to cheer at Monster Dash so I can actually see you since I didn't at TCM!

Julie said...

Hi Heather,
I am still figuring out what next year will have in store for me. Fargo is an option along with the Wobegon marathon. They are both flat and fast!

I am so glad that you have a plan and already have so many great goals in mind:) You could totally do a half Ironman!

the dawn said...

i did not see those socks, but they sound absolutely divine! and way to kick serious tail during the last 10k.

sounds like you have it all figured out from here on. i love the "season-that-shall-not-be-named"! hilarious. although, i actual do enjoy running in the cold...except it takes so much longer to get dressed...

Marlene said...

I love those stats for how many people you passed! Very cool.

Hope you are enjoying your fun/recovery month!! Sounds like good things ahead.

Jeri said...

AHHHHHHHHHHHH I'm doing fargo (or like 95% sure I am!!!!!!!!!). Yayayayayayayayayay. And yeah, we're not going to talk about that w-season. Glad the legs are feeling dandy post-'thon. :D

Anonymous said...

I love that you passed so many people in the last 10k!!! Exicted to see you are gearing up for another great year in 2011!

Katie A. said...

Wow! That is some awesome time in the last 10K! You did amazing!

Love that you're planning for a 70.3, you are my idol! Glad you're pretty much recovered, enjoy your weekend!