Saturday, October 23, 2010

Race Report - Run for the Apples 5 Miler

This morning I ran the Run for the Apples 5 miler in White Bear Lake. My running partner Jim and I have run this race almost every year for the last five (or 6?) years. It is on the hilly trails through an apple orchard - most of the course is either dirt or grass. Some soft sand, and a small section about halfway through on pavement. My mom and Sophie came along to cheer us on (and enjoy the apple treats).

The start of this race is always very crowded, as lots and lots of runners attempt to all get onto a narrow dirt road at the start. But I wasn't worried about time today and just went with the flow, passing people when I could. I also wanted to conserve energy for the BAH (Big Ass Hill) just after the first mile marker. Seriously, that thing kills me every time. So I did my thing, gasping for breath when the massive hills started kicking my butt. I took a couple of walk breaks when I felt like I needed to get my heart rate down a little.

At one point I stripped off my long sleeve shirt, and ended up taking my bondi band off with it. Although I hate to lose my favorite ("Run" with a heart), there was no way I could go back to get it. Too many people. A few seconds later, I felt a tap - a lady had grabbed my headband and gave it back to me. Thanks lady in the lime green!

After what seemed like more hills than last year, we were finally within a mile to the finish time. I kept pushing and flew as fast as I could down the final downhill. I ran through the finish, spotting Sophie and my mom just before I crossed the line. I forgot to stop my watch, and didn't even look at the clock - so I had no clue what time I finished in. I just checked the race results and my time was 47:44. Quite a bit slower than my 43:17 course PR from 2008, but that's okay. I had a great time, and it was a perfect morning for a run.

When we finished buying apple treats, kids were lining up for a half mile kids race. Sophie insisted on joining in. I ran with her and we did a loop on the trails that included a big uphill and the nice downhill to the 5 miler finish line. She made it the whole way! As we got closer to the finish, I kept telling her to run to the finish line. She was running her little legs off and pumping her arms in the air - it was so freaking cute. She got to cross the big finish line, and got an apple and a medal.

The timing for the race ended up being perfect. As soon the race finished, a cold front came through and the temps dropped. It has been raining off and on since, and right now it is pouring rain and thundering. Perfect weather for two racing girls to cuddle up and recover (while watching Curious George, of course).


P said...

Oh, so cute!! Congrats to the racing girls, it sounds like a wonderful day!

RunMommyRun said...

I saw you and Sophie just as the kids' race started but wasn't able to find you later! I agree - it totally seemed hillier than last year, and I sure had blanked out the BAH from my mind...yikes! I was just happy to run the whole darn thing in 51 minutes!!!

Marlene said...

Sooo nice that someone stopped to pick up your headband! I have the Run + <3 and love it too!

Congrats on a greta race - sounds like fun at the orchard!

Diana said...

Sounds like a really fun day. How sweet for your daughter to cross the finish line in her own little race!
Awesome job on the fellow runner to pick up your headband.
I'm excited for Green Bay in're more than welcome to join me!!! Wink, Wink!

DRog said...

Great to have a race and just be able to Go with The Flow~!

Im impressed you are back at it already after TCM good job!

and Soph is total cutie:)


Jenn said...

Fun! I looked at that race! I'm also from Minnesota. Nice report!

Julie said...

Hi Heather,
Looks like such a fun race! Cute picture of Sophie:) Don't worry about the slower time from just ran a marathon a few weeks ago.

How are you doing in terms of recovery from the marathon? I am really recovering slowly. Yesterday I ran with my running group and did a nine miler. It was total hell! I am just not feeling great at any of my runs. After my run I went home and had tummy issues the entire day!

the dawn said...

yay for running with the little one! great finish time girl! sounds like a great race.

Jill said...

Love her cute medal, she is very proud!! CUTE!! I love those theme-races and this one reminds me of whenI was a kid and would go to Gay's Mills, WI to pick apples in the fall - they used to have a race but no longer do. We'd have so much apple things when we were done - I think I still have a cup. Haha. Looks like it was a great day, and glad it happened before the front came through :).

Anne said...

Congrats...and I love that Sophie insisted on running (like mommy) :)

Carly said...

Sounds like a great race. That was so nice that someone picked up the bondiband for you.

I am also impressed that you are back at it. I am still suffering from TCM! ha!

Anonymous said...

Apples are one of the best things about fall!!!!

Sounds like you had a great day- no worries about the time difference, you are still coming off your marathon.

Katie A. said...

What a nice lady! Runners can be some of the nicest peeps!

Love that Sophie got to run, too! She is totally following in her awesome mommy's footsteps!

Have a great week girlie!

EricaH said...

Glad you had a good time sounds like a fun race. :)