Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Three Questions

One of the things I love about the running/triathlon blog community is all the great advice right at my fingertips. So I've decided to take advantage of all my expert readers and pick your brains . . . hope you don't mind!

Question #1: Seeing as how I am now the last person in the world to finally get an iPhone, what are your favorite running/triathlon/nutrition apps? I'm a teensy bit addicted to the new phone and would love to hear what might be more productive than my suduko game.

Question #2: This one's for the triathletes - How do I bit the bullet and sign up for a half ironman? I really want to. I know I can do the bike and the run. The swim scares the crap out of me. I swam 1+ miles several times last summer, but I am seriously slow in the water. Can I do it?

Question #3: How many days of winter are left? Okay, maybe I already know the answer to that questions. But seriously. Perhaps if I keep whining and complaining winter will get over with faster . . .

Thanks for your input!


lovelyrita said...

I use the Nike Plus GPS on my Ipod touch. It is easy to use and the Nike Plus site makes it easy to track my running.

Can't help much on the winter question. Living in Central Florida, all the seasons run together and I forget that it is even winter.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

You were the second to last - I still have my company issued Razor flip phone ... old school!

Diana said...

2 apps I use on a regular basis are:

1)Runkeeper-it's super easy, which makes me happy! (I just use the free version)

2) Kettlebell swing timer-LOVE, LOVE this one. I tried using a Gymboss and was completely confused on how to get what I wanted from it. This works great for any kb workout! This app is also a free one!

Jess said...

Sorry, I can't answer any of those!

I actually just down-graded my cell phone. The people at the cell phone place could NOT understand why I would do that, but I wasn't using half the features on my smartphone and it's service was an extra $40 a month.

the dawn said...

well, i still have a flip phone from the 80's, so i can't help you there...and tri's scare me more than almost anything else in the world, so i can't help there. and as far as the winter goes....your guess is as good as mine...but really it won't last forever, right?

Beth said...

Oh, I'm not very much help. I have an android phone. The longest tri I've ever done is Olympic distance and this summer will be my first half ironman, so I don't know how hard it's going to be. I'm doing Chisago which is in late July. I'm hoping it's late enough to get training in but early enough to be able to move on to fall marathon training.

P said...

You can TOTALLY do a Half-Iron!! You are 10x the swimmer I am and I signed up for one! Especially since it's my first, my only goal is to finish and be proud of my accomplishment. You will rock!
I can't help you with winter, but my current favorite app is Pogo games. Hmmm, that's not related to training at all!

RunMommyRun said...

Do it, do it, do it!!!! (the half ironman)

I have an iPhone but don't use any nutrition/exercise/running apps. But I love Urbanspoon. :)

Richelle said...

I still don't have an iPhone, so you're not the last person to have one.

I hope winter ends soon! I'm getting tired of all those piddly snowfalls we get a couple times a week and those huge snowbanks that make it difficult to see around corners when driving.

Sign up for the half-IM! You can do it!

One Little Jill said...

I do not own an Iphone.

Just sign up. Course, this coming from a girl who only does sprints.

I hate winter. The answer is: too many!