Friday, December 19, 2008

2009 Goals

I've got to hurry up and post my 2009 goals or else they'll sound like New Year's resolutions, which would just be the kiss of death. Also, I've sort of gotten a head start on the office Christmas party by taking swigs out of the flask under my desk and it's not doing much for my motivation to work. So . . .

Realistic Goals
1) Run a sub 54:00 10K.
2) Run a 4:30-ish marathon.
3) Run a sub 2:05 half.
3) Do yoga 1x per week (she is my mistress, after all).

Just Call Me a Rockstar Goals
1) Get a Mora Classic medal (all you need to do to get this is complete their 4 events in one year: a cross country ski race, a canoe race, a half marathon, and a 50 mile bike race (actually, I think they call it a tour, much less intimidating)). My friend Cheryl and I are going to do this one together.

2) Win the Mac vs. Heather challenge. This is a four-sport event: bowling, golf, running, and tennis. The loser has to wear a t-shirt designed by the winner at our annual local "Bastard's Bar Association" golf/dinner event. The t-shirt I am already designing for Mac (because I am that confident I will be the victor) is pink, has a picture of yours truly on it, and says "Princess Heather Rules All." He's gonna look awesome.

Just Call Me Freaking Crazy Goals
1) 2009 miles in 2009. Yes, I know.
2) Isn't that one crazy enough? I don't think I need to add any more. . .

I've got lots of races on the calendar to help me accomplish my goals. I'll add them to my upcoming races list as soon as the dates are confirmed and I get permission from my husband for the race fees (and yes, paying $30 to run any number of miles is a good use of our $, so quit your bitching).

Tonight? Not working on any of my goals. It is still 2008, after all. Instead, I'll be living it up redneck, backwoods style by drinking at the Casino. Yeah, that's how we do it around here. And then tomorrow morning? Getting up early to get to a rehearsal at church. Because that's how we really do it around here.

Have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Stop all that goal-making, you! You're making me feel like quite the slacker. :)
Good luck, though. I'm thinking that those goals are all attainable. And please post pics of the pink, precious princess shirt. (Sorry...we moose are nothing if not alliterative!)

Melanie said...

sounds like 2009 will be a good and busy year! Good luck with all your training, you will kick some serious butt!!

Marlene said...

Awesome goals. I love the Mora classic idea!

MCM Mama said...

I can't even imagine 2009 miles! I'm dying just trying to hit 1000.

Anonymous said...

I think your list of goals is great. You can hit them all. Do you have an idea of whcih half and marathon you want to do?

*aron* said...

awesome goals!!! i have to get mine up soon too :)

Frayed Laces said...

Those are some totally awesome, doable goals

BeachRunner said...

Dang. Those are great goals. 2009 looks to be an awesome year for you. Merry Christmas.