Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Taking Me a Mistress

Running and I have had a monogamous relationship for quite some time. Way back in the early days, before I called myself a "runner," I really played the field. I'd do the stairclimber one day, lift weights the next, go to class at the gym, and once in a while jog around the lake for good measure.

Once I started running races in 2004, running and I started to get more serious. I still had the occasional fling with Tae Bo and the likes. But gradually, running and I became exclusive. Running's efficiency and slimplicity have always been attractive to me, and the longer we were together, the more I started to love it.

Compared to running, with its mysterious sunglasses and sleek, sexy sweat-wicking pants, yoga has always been a little like a Gap commercial. Dull, predictable, khaki pants and a polo shirt. If I only have a certain amount of time per day to commit, I want to get the most bang for my buck. My mom has tried to set me up with yoga for a long time. She swears it will help my lower back problems. I believe her, I just thought yoga was such a dud.

But last night, I decided to preview a new yoga DVD I bought for my mom for Christmas. It was too cold for running and I to hook up outside, and the treadmill just gets in the way of our happy relationship. And yoga? Kinda cool. I was shocked when our 30 minutes together was over and I realized I hadn't stared at the clock fantasizing about running even once. And while running has always been very attentive to my legs, it completely ignores my upper body. Yoga gave me something I have been missing - a reminder that I actually do have muscles in my arms and back that long to be used.

So running, I hope you don't mind, but I think I might take yoga as a mistress. You'll still be my number one, and we'll get together pretty much every day. But once or twice a week, I'll take 30 minutes away from you to be with yoga. I have a sneaking suspicion that being with yoga every once in a while might make things between you and I even better.

And Mom? You probably won't be getting a new yoga DVD in your stocking. Sorry.


*aron* said...

i wish i loved yoga that much! i just cant quite get into it... ill have to try it again :)

Melanie said...

i'm trying to add it in to a somewhat regular schedule too... funny that your mom won't be seeing the gift though! LOL

Melanie said...

I LOVED yoga. I definitely find that my runs are impacted by a weekly yoga class when I get myself to it. I just feel so much more limber and long and looser when I get that yoga class into my week. It really helps to loosen up all the muscles that get tight during mileage as well as works on my core and upper body in ways I never do on my own.

Marlene said...

Great post!

For a long time, I was exclusive with running also. I have only recently started cross-training and sometimes I still get this itch like 'I should be running...'

Still, I think the variety is good.

Kita said...

loved you post.

Marcy said...

I think running can deal as long as yoga is just a side thang :P

MCM Mama said...

Too funny! I wish I could fall in love with something besides running. My poor legs would thank me.

BeachRunner said...

Never done the yoga thing. Not yet at least. I just dont think I am a yoga kind of guy.