Friday, December 12, 2008

In the Doghouse

As I was sitting in my office fulfilling my duties as a slave to justice (or, surfing the internet, whatever), my husband calls. "You want me to move out?" I was confused until he reminded me about a recent post in which I may have said that I SOMETIMES wished my husband would move out and my mom would move in. Oops. One, I didn't know you read this blog. And two, it was just a joke, really.

In the interests of preserving marital bliss, I think it's important that I point out just a few of the MANY things I appreciate and love about my husband.

(1) He is a WONDERFUL dad to Sophie. Every time I see him with her, I love him a little bit more because of this great thing we did together and of how super he is with her.

(2) He never lets me feel sorry for myself and is constantly pushing me to be tougher and stronger.

(3) He takes care of all the finances and pays all the bills. I hate math and I hate paying bills.

(4) He has supported me through college, law school, the bar exam, and put up with all of my super cheeriness in between!

(5) He's always making me laugh with stupid little jokes.

I know this wasn't at all about running, but hey, every now and then, a girl just has to suck up a little. Have a great weekend!


Kita said...

I love posts about families that love each other.

MCM Mama said...

Way to suck up. :o)

He sounds like a great guy!

Melanie said...

has he read other posts or just that one? LOL He sounds like a great guy... have a great weekend!