Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tempo Progresso

The schedule called for a seven mile tempo run tonight - 1 mile warm up, 5 at "long tempo" pace, and 1 mile cooldown. Instead of following that exactly, I decided to try a progressive run. I want to work on negative splits and train myself to stay strong at the end of races. So my plan was to start with one mile at easy pace and then increase the pace by 15 seconds per mile for the rest of the run.

The first mile, I started out too fast. Wait, wasn't this what I am trying avoid? I blame it on my Garmin. It was registering anywhere from 6:30 (yeah, in my dreams) to 11:30 (please, give me a little credit Garmy) for that first mile. After that, the Garmin seemed to cooperate and I was right on track. Seven mile progressive run? Nailed it.

It felt awesome to complete the run and the whole thing was a huge confidence booster. Maybe part of my success was my wardrobe. I had this whole Rainbow Brite thing going on that I think really works for me. Light pink under armour turtleneck, purple Nike long sleeve, and neon pick wind jacket. Oh, and different shade of pink hat. I'd post a picture, but I have this big red zit on my nose that is U.G.L.Y. Hello Rudolph.

My adrenaline rush from the great run bubbled over into a little car dancing. Which led to the following conversation:
Sophie: Mom, what are you doing?
Me: I'm dancing.
Sophie: I don't want you to dance.
Me: Why not?
Sophie: It's kinda dorky.

Great. Now I am apparently so dorky that even a two year old can pick up on it. Oh well. At least I had that great run!


MCM Mama said...

I love progressive runs. I find them much more fun than tempos, which probably means I should do more tempo runs, sigh.

Totally LOL at your daughter!

DRog said...

Great job on the run ...and thank you for giving me some ammo for a new training goal to work on the next few weeks!

Julie said...

Hi Heather,
Good job on your seven mile tempo run:) You got to love a little car dancing and Rainbow Bright gear!!

I Run for Fun said...

I totally understand the car dancing. A great run deserves a little dance to celebrate. Well done!

Jamoosh said...

I opt for the "overall" pace window on the Garmin versus current pace since current pace jumps aruond too much.

Marlene said...

Great job on the progression run! I should try something like that instead of the usual tempo... I can see how it would make for a stronger finish in a race situation.

Too funny about the "dorky" car dancing. :)

Running Through Life said...

Great job on the tempo run!

Your daughter is funny. Amazing how quickly they pick things up. My ten year old tells me stuff like that all the time. Just wait it only gets better.

Jamoosh said...

The wisdom and honesty of children. Gotta love it!

Katie A. said...

I love runs that make me dance, too! Great job girly! And I know you have a 6:30 in you! Give yourself a little credit ;)

Anonymous said...

The other day, one of my students told me "I hope you have kids soon before you are already older than you are now" Gotta love em!

Jeri said...

NAILED IT! Bahaha I hope you typed that while Barney's voice was saying it in your head. That would make my week. great job on the tempo run.

dance away. part of the reason people have kids is to embarass them, right? :p

Heidi said...

Yikes you're getting those comments already when she's just two. Watch out - it gets much worse as they get older. My teens will "try" to turn off the radio when they even think I might try to car dance. HAHAH

prashant said...

Good job on your seven mile tempo run:) You got to love a little car dancing and Rainbow Bright gear!!

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The Happy Runner said...

Ha ha! That conversation is funny -- I'm sure you ddn't look too dorky!

Ali said...

I love runs like that! Woo hoo!

The only way I can pull off a tempo run is to start out slow, get to the half way, look at my watch and try and get back in less time. It's like a game.