Sunday, April 26, 2009

20 and 8

Got my last 20 miler in bright and early yesterday morning. The first four miles, my legs felt like concrete pillars (might have had something to do with the Mexican food and margaritas Friday night), but I just kept telling myself, "Fake it til you make it." It worked! By mile 5, I was in the groove. The rest of the run was really strong, and my pace per mile was 1 minute faster than my last 20 miler. Now it's taper time!

And now for the 8 . . . I was tagged by MCM Mama and I'm trying to procrastinate from mopping my kitchen floor, so it seems like a good time to do this.

8 things to which I'm looking forward
1) Green Bay Marathon (3 weeks from yesterday!)
2) taking Sophie to swimming lessons this summer
3) our summer vacation in July
4) spectating at the Fargo Marathon in two weeks (my little sis is running)
5) golf league starting again
6) riding my new bike this summer
7) drinking beer on Wednesdays (see #5)
8) buds on the trees again

8 things I did yesterday
1) ran 20 miles
2) drank a big ass glass of chocolate milk
3) played with Sophie at the park
4) shared an ice cream sunday with Sophie and my mom
5) went to Target
6) changed 3 poopy diapers
7) golfed 9 holes with my hubby & Sophie
8) had dinner and drinks with a good friend

8 things I would like to do
1) own a bookstore
2) hire a maid
3) run the Great Wall Marathon
4) visit New York City
5) work part time
6) PR every race distance this year
7) finish the Richard Ford book I've been reading for the last 3 months
8) learn to speak another language fluently

8 shows I watch
1) Big Bang Theory
2) How I Met Your Mother
3) Biggest Loser
4) Grey's Anatomy
5) Private Practice
6) Brothers & Sisters
7) Rules of Engagement
8) Friends (yes, I know it's not on anymore, but I still watch it on DVD a lot)

8 people I tag
1) Ali
2) Sarah
3) Kavi
4) Marlene
5) Beth
6) Carlee
7) Carly
8) D10


Melanie said...

Awesome job on the 20! Now enjoy the taper :D Good luck to your sister too!

Carly said...

Great job on the 20 miles!!! Love the 8's. Thanks for the tag.

joyRuN said...

Oh I hate when it takes that long for my body to like the running! Great great job with the 20, though :)

Happy taper...

Marlene said...

Doesn't it feel great to say "I ran 20 miles yesterday"? Great job getting through it! Happy taper!

Sounds like lots of exciting stuff coming up this year - awesome.

Thanks for the tag!

ShutUpandRun said...

Thanks for tagging me on this. Glad you got your 20 miles in. Good luck on the taper.

Running Through Life said...

Congrats on the 20 miler. Just 3 weeks away until the marathon woo hoo!

Marcy said...

3 poop diapers in one day is a lot! Dang!

Jamoosh said...

Green Bay is a great marathon. God luck!

I Run for Fun said...

That's a kick-ass 20 miler!

Great things to look forward to...ah, I need a vacation! Gosh, you've had a productive Sunday.

I'd love to own a bookstore too! Maybe we should go into partnership or something.

Hey, thanks for tagging me...I need something to write about.

Anonymous said...

Sweet Jebus but you had a busy day yesterday!! I don't think I could fit all those things in during the course of an entire WEEK, let alone a day. You are Super Woman!!

RunMommyRun said...

Wow...mexican food, margaritas AND a 20 miler the next day? And a successful one at that?? You rock. You are SO READY for your marathon in 3 weeks. Can't wait for it!

The Happy Runner said...

Fake it till you make it -- I love it! Yay for your 20 miler!