Sunday, April 5, 2009

Need Me Some More Weekend

It must be time for a vacation. The weekends have just not been long enough lately. I was busy this weekend, which always makes it go too fast. But I got in some fun stuff - a dinner out alone with the husband Friday night (first time since Sophie was born . . . 18 months ago today!), drinks with friends at the golf course (can golf season start now, please?), took Sophie to the zoo for the first time on Saturday, got my long run in today (wind coming from every direction - what's up with that?).

Once upon a time, I posted weekly training recaps on here. I think I stopped because my training was a little, well, lacking. But I think I'll start again because it may help me be more accountable (and motivated) as I hit this last stretch of marathon training.

So . . . week of March 29 - April 4
  • Sunday, March 29th - 4 miles
  • Monday, March 30th - 3 miles (with 4 x 800)
  • Wednesday, April 1 - 6 miles (at marathon pace)
  • Thursday, April 2 - 4 miles (hills)
  • Friday, April 3 - 3 miles

Total weekly miles: 20 (long run on Sunday this week because of our zoo trip . . . and my 20 miler for next weekend will probably be on Friday night, so it should be a fun week!)


Marci said...

Good job with your training. Have a good week!

Running Through Life said...

Sounds like a nice weekend, busy but nice. I agree that when you write down your training, it makes you more aware of your efforts.

Marlene said...

Great week! Sounds like a fun weekend, too.

RunWithMe said...

I'm looking forward to golf season, too. Glad you got out for a date night!

Sarah said...

Yeah for date night!!! My daughter was almost 2 before we went out alone. :) Sounds like you had a busy, but fun, weekend!

I Run for Fun said...

Nice runs!

Glad you got to go on a date night.

Melanie said...

night out with the hubby! Nice! Weekends always seem too short... great job on the running!

Ali said...

I need to plan my week out like that, it does keep you motivated/accountable.

joyRuN said...

Solid week!

We waited a looong time after my firstborn to get out on our own. We learned our lesson after that - I think my second was only weeks old before we left her with grandma & snuck out :)

RunMommyRun said...

Enjoy your 20 miler (it's tomorrow night, right?)...I hear you on the accountability factor. Once you say it out loud, it becomes a bigger deal if you make excuses!

I have yet to run this week, which will make my long run on Saturday a bit painful! oops!!

Xenia said...

Great training week. I wanna go to the zoo! :)