Thursday, September 25, 2008

Bad Mommy

After three feverish days and two sleepless nights, I finally took Sophie to the doctor this afternoon. Double ear infection. I feel like the world's worst mother. I held off on taking her to the doctor because I hate to be that mom that runs to the clinic every time their child gets the first hint of the sniffles. But really, now I'm that other mother, the one who lets their child suffer with a double ear infection for three days. I'm sure child protection will be knocking on the door any minute . . .

I did manage to run 3 miles this morning. It was perfect fall running weather - I love that crisp feeling in the air, and the complete lack of humidity. It felt really good to get out, and my new running shoes were wonderful. The stiffness of new shoes always takes me by surprise when I first put them on, and I get paranoid about whether they will cause me to break an ankle or fall on my butt. But I survived. I'm going to try for another 3 before work tomorrow, and then I have the 10K on Saturday. Maybe my unintentional low-mileage week will give me a good boost for the race!

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