Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ways to Tell It's Friday

  • Your weekly lunch money/cash is depleted, so you have to spend 15 minutes digging around on the floor of your car for $1.50 in dimes and nickels in order to get your Diet Mountain Dew. (Note to self: I really have to clean out my car. The crushed fishy cracker/curdled formula combo is really disguting).
  • Instead of having the willpower to wait until at least 10:00 to get the above-mentioned Diet Mountain Dew, you're at the door of the liquor store when they unlock it at 9:00.
  • Your morning three mile run feels unusually short because you're already half-dreading the weekend long run.
  • You're so sick of hearing people's excuses all week that you tiptoe on the line of appropriate courtroom decorum when one more idiot whines about how he will lose his job and not be able to support his family if he gets sent to jail. Seriously? Were you worried about that when you decided to to drive drunk with your eight week old baby in the car?

So in the interests of avoiding caffeine withdrawal and keeping my license to practice law, thank God it's Friday.

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suee said...

So did you send him to jail or not?