Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Is it really only Wednesday? After being up all night Monday night with a sick child, and then home with her all day yesterday, I feel like I am in some sort of strange, sleep-deprived alternate world. One where I look in the mirror and get creeped out by the dark-eyed ghoul staring back at me.

I did manage to get in a good 3.6 mile run Monday night, with Sophie in the running stroller. As a bonus, I went on a route that has some good rolling hills, and then a 1/2 mile stretch that is straight uphill. And of course I ran the last mile straight into the wind, which, when running with that stroller aka windsail, is like running uphill. Last night I was able to slip out of the house for a quick 3 miles. Apparently not sleeping and then drinking Diet Mountain Dew all day in order to stay awake isn't the best pre-run strategy.

I'm hoping to get to the track tonight - even if it is just for some semi-easy 800's.

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