Monday, September 29, 2008

Back on Track

So, with all the ear infections and not sleeping last week, the running really took a hit. Two 3-milers during the week, and then a 10K Saturday morning. The 10K was really nice, and I think I ran a pretty good race. It was at the Audubon Center in Sandstone, so we ran around Grindstone Lake and then through trails back to the Center. This was the first year for the race and, overall, I think they really did a good job. One downside - no mile markers. With no markers and having never run the course before, it was very difficult to judge pace (and to know when to start telling myself that I was almost done). At one point, my running partner said he thought we were within a mile. When he said that, I had just been thinking that we were probably a little over halfway . . .

Once we got off the road and onto the trails, I figured we were almost done. And then we had to do an extra little loop. I hate extra loops. There is nothing worse for me mentally than thinking I am close to the finish, and then having to turn around and go farther away from the finish line. But I survived the loop. As we approached the finish line, I gave it a good kick and really felt that I had run a good pace the whole race (did I mention that both my running partner and I had forgotten to wear watches, so we were completely at a loss as for pace/time?). There wasn't a clock, but a guy with a stopwatch was standing at the finish calling at times. As we got closer, I could hear him saying the seconds, but didn't know what minute we were in. And then I crossed and he said 58:11. Seriously? What? My first 10K 4 years ago was 58:28, and I have NEVER been over 58:00 again. In August, I ran a 10K in 95 degree heat in 57:06, and I felt that I ran this race much faster. In talking with people after the race, it seems the general consensus was that the race was longer than 6.2. A guy with a Garmin said it was 6.4. No matter what, I ran a hard 6+ miles on a beautiful course. Definitely not a wasted morning.

Now, I'm just trying to get my mileage back up this week. I ran 3.6 yesterday afternoon, and 3 again this morning. If Sophie is cooperative after work, I'll take her out in the running stroller for at least another 3. And I've already conned my mother-in-law into watching her for an extra hour tomorrow night so I can get in a track workout. (Of course, this was the plan last week until pouring rain and lightening intervened. Keeping my fingers crossed for another beautiful fall day.)

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