Friday, October 17, 2008

Happy Friday

Okay, so I had a bad attitude yesterday. I'm over it. Today has been a much better day so far. I won a case this morning that I thought I had no chance of winning, and got a decision back from the judge on a case I tried in August -- same thing. Thought I had no chance of winning, and I won. I guess the Home Depot paint department is going to have to get along without me for a little while longer.

Ran an easy 3-miles this morning. Got really excited because I thought we had really beaten the bus (didn't even hear it coming!), and then remembered that the kids are off school today. Oh well. I'm looking forward to my 5-mile race tomorrow. The weather is supposed to be good, and, once it's over, yummy apple treats. I don't have any real firm goals for the race (why set myself up for disappointment?), but I guess my sort of secret goal is to finish in under 46:00. We'll see how it goes. It is VERY hilly. Hopefully all those runs pushing Sophie up hill in the running stroller will pay off!

Happy weekend!

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