Monday, October 6, 2008

Training Recap - Week of September 28th

I had a great week last week, training and everything. The recap:
  • Sunday, Sept. 28th - 3.6 miles
  • Monday, Sept. 29th - 3 miles
  • Tuesday, Sept. 30th - 3 miles (a.m.), 3.6 miles (p.m.)
  • Wednesday, Oct. 1st - 3 miles (a.m.), 3 miles - hill (p.m.)
  • Thursday, Oct. 2nd - 3 miles (a.m.), 4.6 miles - track (p.m.)
  • Saturday, Oct. 4th - 11 miles
  • total miles: 37.8

I had some pain in my right leg nagging me through most of the week, and after Saturday's 11-miler, both calves were sooooo tight. I busted through the pain by mega cleaning in preparation for Sophie's birthday party, and it seems to have worked. After taking yesterday off, I ran 3 miles this morning, and they were only a little bit tight.

Sophie's birthday was so much fun - I can't believe I have a one-year old!

I'm hoping for another good solid week of training this week. I want to keep a strong base going, so when I tackle the next marathon training at the end of January I will be ready.

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