Monday, October 13, 2008

Training Recap - Week of October 5th

Aside from missing a long run last week, overall got in a good week of training:
  • Monday, Oct. 6th: 3 miles (a.m.), 3.6 miles - hill (p.m.)
  • Tuesday, Oct. 7th: 3 miles (a.m.)
  • Wednesday, Oct. 8th: 3 miles (a.m.), 3.6 miles - hill (p.m.)
  • Thursday, Oct. 9th: 4.6 miles - track
  • Friday, Oct. 10th: 3 miles

Total weekly miles: 23.8

I had good intentions of running 8 miles on Saturday morning, but some stomach issues presented themselves. I firmly believe that it was a little stomach bug and NOT the 1/2 bottle of wine and pizza consumed Friday night. No matter what the cause, fear of crapping my pants kept me from running Saturday.

On the non-running side of things, a great weekend. I had a blast scrapbooking Friday night with Erin (Sophie cooperated, went to bed early, and I got four pages done). Saturday, Sophie and I headed down to my mom's where we canned applesauce all day - a sign that fall is indeed here. Sunday morning, my mom and I played a couple of two-piano duets at her church. Had a a yummy lunch at Acapulco, and then did some shopping. Now it's back to the grind . . . It has been raining steadily here all day, so the evening run may not happen. Got in an easy 3 miles this morning, so I won't be heartbroken if I have to stay inside tonight (I'll have How I Met Your Mother to ease my pain).


pre said...

Hey I've throughly enjoyed your running blog! You are so funny! I can relate to your running stories vividly! One suggestion I have for you is to try and fine a loyal, long term training partner that will run in all conditions with you and treat you like a god! It will make running so much more fun and keep you motivated! I speak from experience as I found such a partner about 4 years ago and she has become a TRUE friend in everyway! You get kind of possessive about a running partner like that and you have to be strong when you feel like they are drifting away but nothing beats the feeling that you have after accomplishing something as great as a marathon or two together! P.S. be careful though who you choose, there are some creepy 50 year old men out there that just want to hold your hand!

Frayed Laces said...

Hahaha---may I suggest oops I crapped my pants (SNL reference)