Monday, October 20, 2008

Training Recap - Week of October 12th

Low mileage week last week . . .
  • Monday, Oct. 13th - 3 miles
  • Tuesday, Oct. 14th - 3 miles (a.m.); 3.6 miles-hill (p.m.)
  • Wednesday, Oct. 15th - 3 miles
  • Friday, Oct. 17th - 3 miles
  • Saturday, Oct. 18th - 5 miles race

Total weekly miles: 20.6

I have another race coming up this Saturday, so I'm trying to get in more miles at the beginning of the week to get closer to a 30 mile week. Sophie's daycare is closed this week, so I took today, tomorrow, and Wednesday off to stay home with her. Thursday and Friday, she's on her own. Just kidding. I figure she should be at least 18-months old before I leave her home alone.

After dinner, I went out for an easy 3-miler. I don't run by myself very often, and, as a rule, don't really like it. But tonight I took my i-Pod, set it on a more mellow playlist (as opposed to my usual strip-club soundtrack), and just took it easy. I love running at that pace where you feel like you could just run forever. Might not be the best workout, but it was a nice mental break.

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